Calle Molinell, 25. 46010. Valencia (España)
8 h. a 16.30 h. de Lunes a Viernes
8 h. a 16.30 h. de Lunes a Viernes
Calle Molinell, 25. 46010. Valencia (España)

Export specialists.
More than 11 years trading fruit and vegetables.


Molinell Street, 25,1
46010 Valencia (Spain)
+34 96 389 80 87

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We harvest for youThe best products in the world



Picobello Fruits is comitted to production in two ways:

  1. Nowdays Picobello Fruits counts with own production in three locations:
    -Orihuela (Alicante): lemon (Bio).
    -La Romana (Alicante): watermelon Fashion ®.
    -Lleida: stone fruit.
  2. Financing of the production.
    Payment in advance and credits. 
    Financing materials, as for instance,packaging.
    Offering vegetative material as well.


Complete orders managament.

IT management of orders through a network of national and international carriers, supported by a Cross-Docking Center.

Intelligent logistics: Full Truck Load y Groupages.

PicoBello Fruits offers these services to both exporters in the fruit and vegetable sector as customers in destination. To accomplish this, we handle an intelligent logistics service: we work in close collaboration with specialists in the transportation sector, both in full international cargoes and in national and international groups. Therefore, we rely on a Cross-Docking Center, strategically located in Valencia and connected to the main export routes.

We are entitled to a dynamic and efficient logistic service, reaching our customers in a timely manner and with the minimum cost in each and every one of our deliveries

Check our rates and you will be surprised by their adjusted cost.


Commercialization of fruits and vegetables.

We specialize in exporting fruits and vegetables. We are closely linked to our agricultural production and we work extensively with our fruit and vegetable suppliers.

Flavour and y exceptional freshness

PicoBello Fruits has been chosing the best fruit and vegetable producers in Spain for more than 11 years. Focusing our relationship on offering the products of these partners, with whom we share the values of service and compliance.
These are top quality fruit and vegetable companies, located in areas with favorable climatic conditions, due to their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

The best product,
from the farm to your home