Calle Molinell, 25. 46010. Valencia (España)
8 h. a 16.30 h. de Lunes a Viernes
8 h. a 16.30 h. de Lunes a Viernes
Calle Molinell, 25. 46010. Valencia (España)

Export specialists.
More than 11 years trading fruit and vegetables.


Molinell Street, 25,1
46010 Valencia (Spain)
+34 96 389 80 87

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Commitment to qualityWe offer unquestionable quality products

PicoBello Fruits integrated suppliers follow our same philosophy and quality guidelines. 

PicoBello Fruits’ own quality personnel is regularly present in the main production areas and logistics platforms, coordinating all issues related to customers and producers.

In addition to the quality of the product itself, we ensure its food safety.

Therefore, we possess the main certifications of the sector: IFS BROKER, GLOBALG.A.P., BIO and DEMETER. Furthermore, at PicoBello Fruits, a great effort is made to analyze much of the exported consignments, with the support of highly qualified laboratories.

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Distinctions of qualityQuality certifications